Studying high entropy alloys with positron annihilation spectroscopy: opportunities and challenges

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Filip Tuomisto M.Sc D.Sc - Department of Physics and Helsinki Institute of Physics, Professor at University of Helsinki (Finland)
wt., 2021-11-23 13:00 do 14:00
ONLINE: ON SITE: Park Naukowo-Technologiczny, sala 208 "EWA"/ Science and Technology Park, hall 208 "EWA"

Positron annihilation spectroscopy is a powerful set of methods for the detection, identification and quantification of vacancy-type defects in semiconductors and metals. I will present recent advances in combining state-of-the-art positron annihilation experiments and ab initio computational approaches to study defects in multi-component metal and semiconductor alloys. I will review our latest published work on chemical  segregation in the early stages of irradiation and the on the unusual behavior of vacancy migration energetics in fcc HEAs. I will also discuss our ongoing work on bcc HEAs.