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The main purpose of NCBJ Welcome Point is to support the international community. We guide and help researchers coming to NCBJ worldwide and develop their careers at the NCBJ. We help them with the process of relocating to Poland. We also assist our employees and doctoral students in everyday life at NCBJ.

The Welcome Point will help you with:

  1.  residence permits, visas and long-term stay permissions,
  2.  arranging necessary documents and registrations with local authorities,
  3.  finding accommodation,
  4.  setting up banking / financial services,
  5.  finding a school for children,
  6.  informing about social security, healthcare & childcare,
  7.  arranging Polish and other language training,
  8.  introduction to Polish culture and customs.

The Project is financed by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange under the Welcome to Poland Programme (2021).

Our team

Magdalena Jędrkiewicz

Barbara Paprocka

Monika Dembowska

Monika Madigan

Magdalena Jędrkiewicz
Head of HR Department

Barbara Paprocka
Hospitality Manager

Monika Dembowska
Hospitality Manager

Monika Madigan
Welcome Point
Project Coordinator

Welcome Guide for Foreign Researchers

NOTICE: This information is not a source of law. It is based on binding laws and regulations.
However, please remember that it relates to typical frequently occurring cases and may not fully apply to a particular topic.

The number and type of documents, which authorities may require during the proceedings, may differ from those listed as they are determined on a case-by-case basis.

In case of doubts, do not hesitate to contact our Welcome Point for detailed information on your topic or check binding regulations.

This guide is designed to help researchers worldwide and their families with the process of relocating to Poland and developing their careers at the NCBJ. It provides detailed instruction on the legalisation of stay in Poland. It covers a scope of subjects of crucial key importance for relocation, including:

  • Visa and residence permits 
  • Registration in the Municipal/District Office
  • Accommodation options
  • Banking procedures
  • Telecommunication services
  • Healthcare and insurance
  • Public transport
  • Driving Licence procedures
  • Taxes
  • Employee Remuneration/ Salary
  • Information on living in Warsaw (living costs, local customs, accessibility, etc.)
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