Education & Training Division

NCBJ’s Education and Training Division (Dział Edukacji I Szkoleń, DEiS) carries out the task of disseminating knowledge about one of the greatest discoveries, which Was the discovery of radioactivity and radiation. We discuss its characteristics and applications in science, technology, ecology, medicine, as well as the peaceful use of nuclear energy. Our mission is to present the ionising radiation: how precisely its level can be measured; how it is used – applied in medicine and other human activities; in what conditions it is dangerous and when benefits clearly outweigh the dangers. We also try to educate the general public about the importance of nuclear power in many aspects of our life. To achieve those goals we use lectures, demonstrations, workshops, laboratory classes and sightseeing visits to the NCBJ’s research labs including visits to the largest device in Świerk – MARIA research reactor.

Recipients of DEiS’s educational programmes span from pupils of primary school grade 7, through secondary school pupils, students up to learning adults. In particular we offer individually tailored internship programmes for secondary school pupils and the „Fizyczne Ścieżki” („Physics Footpaths”) competition that incite Polish pupils to take first step towards the Research. The Division also carries out special programmes for the gifted youth and secondary-school-teacher training programmes – those in cooperation with Provincial Teacher Training Centers (Wojewódzkie Ośrodki Doskonalenia Nauczycieli).




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