Jak zorganizować wycieczkę do NCBJ

How to arrange the visit to NCBJ

Booking of the visit

The visit must be booked by phone (telephone number 22 273 1612, workdays between 8:30 and 15:00).

Reservations are taken:
– in August for September to December;
– in December for January to March following year;
– in March from April to August.

The exact start date of the booking is given below the menu on the right, in the section „Booking of the visit”.

Before you book the visit have the following information ready:

  •  details of the person who organizes the visit (name and surname, e-mail and contact phone number);
  •  name and surname of the person in charge of the visiting group (including mobile phone number);
  •  details about the school/university/company etc. (whom to the invoice is to be issued);
  •  approximate age of the participants (adults/nth class);
  •  preferred date of the visit;
  •  the approximate number of participants;
  •  citizenship of the participants (if not all the participants are Polish citizens consult the section „Foreigners” below);
  •  favored activities (program).

Booking has to be confirmed (by phone) two weeks before the visit date.

We reserve the right to change or to call off the booking. In such a case persons organizing the visit will be informed about the cancellation via the phone call.

If a group arrives late the participants have to be prepared for the shortening of the visit program.


Required documents

It is necessary to compile in advance the list of visitors and the declaration of citizenship of visitors (the ready forms in Polish can be downloaded via the links below under the „Attachments” heading). The declaration must be signed by the authorized representative of the school/university/company.

The copy (scanned copy, or at least legible photo) of filled and signed documents (list and declaration) must be sent via e-mail to DEiS (deis@ncbj.gov.pl). The documents must be received no later than midday two working days before the planned date of the visit.

The original documents (plus at least one additional copy) must be brought with the visiting group. Visitors must carry the documents confirming their identity (as stated on the list).

Only those persons whose names are/ were on the list sent to DEiS in advance will be allowed to enter the Institute. There is no possibility to alter the list on the day of the arrival (with one exception: if a reported visitor cannot arrive his/her name may be deleted from the list).

If the formalities described above are not met the visit may be canceled.



Because of the security regulations of the NCBJ, any person who is not Polish citizen must obtain prior clearance from the Director of the Institute to be allowed to enter the Centre. Therefore foreigners wishing to visit the Institute must provide their data in advance. To facilitate the clearance we require, that a list of foreign guests (the list must contain name, surname, citizenship, country, passport number for each person) be prepared and sent to DEiS by mail not later than two weeks in advance of the visit. This list is additional, formal requirements discussed in the previous section must be fulfilled as well.


Important notice

Bear in mind that in order to enter the reactor building a visitor must be at least 13 years old. Therefore in the case of school-organized groups, the visit to the reactor is allowed only for pupils from class VII of primary school and older. If there is/are the person (s) younger than 13 in the group they cannot visit the reactor itself.

Due to requirements concerning the control of luggage, the visitors are requested not to carry any bags or backpacks. It is allowed to take with your lunch in a transparent bag.

On the Centre premises of the Centre, there is a cafeteria („Bar 56”) and a warm meal may be booked there. For details and orders please contact the staff of the cafeteria by phone (number 22 273 1110).

There is a possibility to use the services of the Car Transport Unit („Zakład Transportu Samochodowego”). For detailed information please call 22 273 1626.



It is not allowed to exceed the maximum size of the groups specified in the price list!