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NCBJ thermal-to-14 MeV neutron converter is a sole device of its kind operated in the world

Konwerter neutronów termicznych na 14 MeV(fot. NCBJ)
NCBJ experts have designed and developed a continuous-mode source of fast neutrons of energy 14 MeV fed by thermal neutrons produced by the MARIA research reactor in Świerk. Parameters of the reactor-converter combination are good enough to practically use the produced flux of fast neutrons to test various constructional materials necessary to successfully develop 4th generation nuclear reactors and thermonuclear reactors expected to produce majority of energy consumed by mankind in the future. The converter is the sole facility of its kind operated in the world. ----

ItraPol and LutaPol awarded by jury of the “Polish Product of the Future” competition

GPARP gala held in The Polish Product of the Future award statuette (photo Marcin Jakubowski)
ItraPol and LutaPol, new radiopharmaceutical precursors developed & produced in NCBJ have been awarded in the 17th edition of the “Polish Product of the Future” competition. New drugs produced on the precursors’ basis will help nuclear medicine physicians to more effectively cure metastases and/or to improve quality of life of oncological patients. Drug shipments have already begun. ----

Mobile lab is testing air quality in Warsaw

Mobile environmental analyses lab (photo Andrzej Bigos, NCBJ)
Mobile environmental analyses lab developed in Świerk has pulled out to the streets. NCBJ experts in cooperation with the Green Mazovia Association and the Światowid Ecology Association are testing air quality at some major road junctions in Warsaw. ----

INTRA-DOSE system for intra-operative radiotherapy under development in Świerk

Kaja Swat, Intra-DOSE Project Deputy Manager (photo NCBJ)
NCBJ, Wielkopolska Regional Cancer Centre (WCO), UJP Hitec Systems S.A. and Jarosław Kołcun are partners in an innovative project to develop the INTRA-DOSE comprehensive system for intra-operative radiotherapy.   ----

NCBJ has joined the Allegro programme to develop 4th generation nuclear reactors

NCBJ has joined the international Allegro programme
NCBJ has joined the international Allegro programme aimed to develop new technologies that would better utilize nuclear fuel and produce less nuclear waste. Within the programme framework Polish scientists will participate in works on 4th generation nuclear reactors. ----