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COMPASS yields key data on strong interactions

COMPASS yields key data on strong interactions
COMPASS experiment run in CERN reported in Physical Review Letters that thay obtained key data on strong interactions ----

Modern vocational education offer from NCBJ

Students on a training course in NCBJ (February 2014) (photo Justyna Wojciechowicz)
NCBJ offers curricula, textbook model, set of lab exercises worked out to improve science teaching performance in technical secondary/vocational schools. Scientists intend also to establish Mazovian Nucleonics Network, a forum to disseminate knowledge on ionising radiation-related topics. ----

Techimmuna will help to treat rheumatoid arthritis

Techimmuna will help to diagnose various cases of inflammation
NCBJ POLATOM Radioisotope Centre has just introduced a new product to the nuclear medicine preparations market. Techimmuna will help to diagnose various cases of inflammation, in particular rheumatoid arthritis. ----

A new Tc-99m production line will soon start operations in Świerk

Technetium-99m generator (photo POLATOM NCBJ)
Preparation used in 80% of all nuclear medicine procedures will be more readily available as soon as NCBJ POLATOM Radioisotope Centre succeeds to increase its technetium-99m production capacity. NCBJ has just invited potential contractors to submits their offers to built a new 99mTc production line in Świerk. ----

Congratulations for MARIA

Congratulations for MARIA
Professor Grzegorz Wrochna. NCBJ Director General, has received plenty of tributes, congratulations and wishes for NCBJ Scientific Council and employees sent in on the occasion of 40th birthday of the MARIA reactor. ----

Long live MARIA!

40 lecie "Marii". Goście "Marii" (fot. Marcin Jakubowski, NCBJ)
Representatives of OECD, IAEA, European Commission, and EURATOM Supply Agency gathered in NCBJ to discuss the role of research reactors in various aspects. The debate was a culmination point of celebrations held on the occasion of the MARIA reactor 40th birthday. Everybody could formulate his/her wishes on the occasion. ----

40 years of the MARIA research reactor

Serce reaktora Maria
MARIA is a research reactor operated in NCBJ Świerk near Warsaw primarily for physical research and to train staff for nuclear industry and radiation protection needs. It produces also radiopharmaceuticals, special materials/radioactive sources for industry, environment protection and healthcare. ----

The Power Ring 2014 conference

X Międzynarodowa Konferencja POWER RING 2014 (fot. / The POWER RING 2014 10th International Conference (photo
The World Energy Outlook report presented by Faith Birol (IEA) during the Power Ring 2014 10th Int’l Conference was an introduction to an expert debate on the role of nuclear power in the world economy. Professor G.Wrochna, NCBJ Director General participated in the debate. ----

Comment on recent failure in the Zaporoże (Ukraine) nuclear power plant

Elektrownia Jądrowa Zaporoże na mapie Ukrainy
Recent failure in the Zaporoże (Ukraine) nuclear power plant was no nuclear accident. No radioactive substances have been liberated and there is no radiological hazard. ----

CERN makes public first data of LHC experiments

he CERN education website offers educational public resources (Image: CMS/Open Data Portal)
CERN launched 20.11.2014 its Open Data Portal where data from real collision events produced by the LHC experiments will for the first time be made openly available to all. It is expected that this data will be of high value for the research community, and also be used for education purposes. ----