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Welcome to NCBJ Press Service. The Service is run by NCBJ Science Information Team led by NCBJ Spokesman. We offer:

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We invite all journalists and other persons dealing with science pularization to use these resources in your articles and other publications. We ask you to identify the source of the used materials as follows:

Source: © National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ), Świerk, Poland

Press Releases

In its press releases NCBJ publishes information on current events taking place in the NCBJ Centre or related to the Centre, on significant successes achieved in science and/or technology, on important organizational changes, as well as on major development plans. Recent results achieved by NCBJ scientists, context of their discoveries, and potential outcomes of the discoveries are explained. Contact data to the authors are published.

Press release objective is to bring closer NCBJ technological capabilities to all potentially interested parties, and to present benefits/advantages such parties might potentially draw from cooperation with NCBJ.


The Gallery consists mainly of photographs of our Świerk premises, our Departments, our employees, and our research facilities/equipment. However, you may also find there some graphics materials, e.g. visualizations of research facilities under construction or sample illustrations from scientific publications/data analyses. You may use all those resources to illustrate your press releases, promotional materials, scientific/occasional presentations etc. We encourage you also to use the resources to popularize science, in particular to demonstrate beauty of physics.


All materials published at the NCBJ Website, in particular those available in our Web Press Service may be reproduced free of charge, provided that the source of the used materials is identified as above or by specifying our Internet address http://old.ncbj.gov.pl.