Radiation medical physics

Applications of nuclear physics in medicine are among the most useful for the mankind. Its methods are used in diagnostics and therapy of some very serious illnesses, like cancer. Research conducted in several independent teams is concentrated on:

  • Physical modeling of the process of creating ion clusters at nanometre level by charged particles of various ionization quality
  • Dosimetry in intravascular brachytherapy: (i) ring ionization chambers for standardization of doses deposited by linear 32P sources; (ii) Monte-Carlo modeling of intravascular dose distributions taking into account plaques of various thickness
  • New types of detectors for characterizing radiation fields used in radiotherapy (GAF Chromic foils, TLD detectors, thin diamond layers, window ionization chambers))
  • New types of specialized X-ray tubes for radiotherapy. The Photon Needle set for brachytherapy of brain tumors built in our Institute is an unique radiotherapy tool.
  • Application of beams of 25 MeV protons to therapy of surface tumors