POLATOM for medicine and science

The POLATOM Radioisotope Centre is a world-renowned supplier of high-quality radiopharmaceuticals and diagnostic kits for nuclear medicine, and an important producer of radiochemical products for customers all over the world. We export our products to over 70 countries. POLATOM is the main Polish producer of radiopharmaceuticals and other radioactive products. 

The current trade package of POLATOM includes:

  • A wide range of scintigraphic 99mTc labeling kits for organ examination and cancer diagnosis,
  • Preparations of radioactive iodine-131 for the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases,
  • Preparations for palliative treatment of bone metastases, 
  • 99Mo / 99mTc radionuclide generators,
  • Precursors for the preparation of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals, 
  • Industrial closed sources,
  • Radioactive standard solutions, 
  • Radiochemical reagents,
  • A wide range of special radioactive preparations tailored to users’ needs, 
  • Accessories and service for nuclear medicine units: 
    • for calibration and servicing of dose calibrators,
    • installation and maintenance of isotope equipment, 
    • transhipment and transport of radioactive materials.

POLATOM’s activities in all areas meet European and international standards; within the scope of the quality assurance system, POLATOM complies with the PN-EN / ISO 9001: 2015-10 standard. Its standard of radiopharmaceutical production is confirmed by a GMP Certificate, and its qualifications in the field of ionizing radiation metrology confirmed by a Calibration Laboratory Accreditation Certificate according to PN-EN / ISO 17025. 

In 2020, NCBJ prepared a short film presenting OR POLATOM. It is publicly available on the institute's YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/WqnYdnNFamg