Particle Theory Group

Research Interests

Our research addresses questions about fundamental building blocks of the subatomic world and of our Universe:

  • Particle phenomenology and physics beyond the Standard Model: Flavor, LHC, electroweak precision
  • Particle astrophysics& cosmology: Dark matter theory and phenomenology
  • Topics in quantum field theory: Unification, asymptotic safety

Recent publications


Prof. dr hab. Leszek Roszkowski

Dr hab. Kamila Kowalska, prof. NCBJ

Dr hab. Enrico Maria Sessolo, prof. NCBJ

Dr Andrzej Hryczuk

Dr Sebastian Trojanowski


Dr Wojciech Kotlarski

Dr Maxim Laletin

Dr Soumita Pramanick

Dr Diana Rojas-Ciofalo

Phd Students

Krzysztof Jodłowski

Abhishek Chikkaballi Ramalingegowda

Daniele Rizzo


HECA ( – Joint Seminar of the NCBJ and the Faculty of Physics UW

Recent Research Projects

NCN grant MAESTRO (2016-2023)
„Dark matter: theoretical models, particle candidates and prospects for their experimental discovery”
Principal Investigator: L. Roszkowski

NCN grant SONATA BIS (2022-2027)
„Dark matter and baryogenesis within multicomponent dark sectors and nonstandard cosmological models”
Principal Investigator: A. Hryczuk

NCN grant SONATA BIS (2022-2026)
„Exploring the light dark sector of the Universe”
Principal Investigator: S Trojanowski

NCN grant SONATA BIS (2021-2026)
„Searching high and low: a multi-scale approach to the physics beyond the Standard Model”
Principal Investigator: E. M. Sessolo

NCN grant SONATA BIS (2018-2024) website (
„Extensions of the Standard Model with vector-like fermions”
Principal Investigator: K. Kowalska

NCN grant SONATA (2019-2022)
„The impact of non-equilibrium and thermal effects on the evolution of Dark Matter in the Early Universe plasma”
Principal Investigator: A. Hryczuk

NCN grant SONATA (2018-2022)
„Patterns of New Physics from flavor and dark matter experiments”
Principal Investigator: E. M. Sessolo

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