Dosimetry in radiation protection

Dosimetry, a field in technical physics, covers issues related to measuring and calculating ionizing radiation doses and/or other parameters related to effects of interactions of the radiation with matter, in particular with human body. Dosimetric surveys significantly help to assess exposure of personnel professionally exposed  to ionizing radiation, as well as exposure of general population.

Research in the field of radiation protection conducted by Mixed Radiation Dosimetry Team within the Dosimetric Surveys Lab includes the following topics:

  • Ionization/ion recombinatiion phenomena in gases pressurized to 5 MPa.
  • Application of high-pressure ionization chambers to determine dosimetric quantities (e.g. dose vs. LET dependency) in mixed radiation fields.
  • Design/development of recombination-type ionization chambers.
  • Development of dosimetry methods applicable in hadron radiotherapy, in particular in boron-neutron therapy.
  • Metrology of mixed radiation fields.
  • Development of measurement methodology and design of ionizing detectors for applications in environment protection and radiation safety.
  • Development of internal contamination dosimetry methods.