dr Darko Donevski

Office: 506

Phone number: +48 22 273 2837

E-mail: name.lastname (at) domain
Domain: ncbj(.)gov(.)pl


Science interests:

My research focuses on distant galaxy formation and evolution. In other words, I am curious about the life of massive galaxies in the Universe, from the earliest cosmic times after the Big Bang to the present day. In my research, I unite theoretical models and panchromatic observations with the largest telescopes (e.g., NOEMA, JCMT, ALMA) in order to tackle some of big questions, such as: how the dust, gas and metals in galaxies evolve over cosmic time. I am a PI of NCN SONATA16 funded project Dusty Giants, which explores large-scale environments of dusty galaxies at high-redshifts. Beside astrophysics and cosmology, I am also professionally involved in the field of science communication as a lecturer and author.


List of publications