PhD Thesis Archive

Author Year Title
Łaszyńska Ewa 2019 Calibration of equipment intended for activation diagnostics for neutrons produced in the D-T reaction in the JET tokamak
Łuczak Paweł 2012 Investigation of muons in extensive air showers with the KASCADE-Grande Muon Tracking Detector
Malinowska Aneta 2007 Protons from synthesis reactions running within plasma-focus facility
Malinowski Karol 2012 Ion emission from the RHI-IBIS plasma generator - experiments and simulations
Małkiewicz Przemysław 2009 Modelling Cosmological Singularity with Compactified Milne Space
Mianowska Zuzanna 2022 Study of the energy resolution and non-proportional light response of the CsI:Tl scintillator based on digital spectrometry
Miroszewski Artur 2021 Quantum corrections and the singularity problem in cosmology
Miśta-Jakubowska Ewelina 2021 Microanalysis of early medieval archaeological objects made of silver alloys
Nair Rahul Rama­chan­dran 2020 A study of the imprints of ther­ma­li­sa­tion on char­ged par­ticle emis­sion using light front varia­bles in ultra­re­la­ti­vi­stic heavy-ion col­li­sions
Nakoneczny Szymon 2022 Machine learning based catalogs of quasars and galaxies for cosmological studies
Nassalski Antoni 2010 Common detector for positron and X-ray tomography
Nilson Nils Albin 2020 Aspects of Lorentz and CPT Violation in Cosmology
Pągowska Karolina 2012 Defect generation and thermally-activated detect transformations in AlxGa1-xN implanted epitaxial layers
Parkhomenko Aleksander 2009 Single-particle effects in the properties of heavy and superheavy nuclei
Plebaniak Zbigniew 2019 Influence of parameters of high energy interactions models on the development of EAS and measuring capabilities of JEM-EUSO experiment