18th International Congress on Neutron Capture Therapy, (ICNCT-18), Taiwan

On October 28 - November 2, 2018, at the CHANG YUNG-FA FOUNDATION International Convention Center in Taipei, Taiwan, took a place the 18th International Congress on Neutron Capture Therapy, (ICNCT-18). Almost 400 medics, physicists, biologists and chemists from around the world took part in the conference organized by the International Society on Nutron Capture (ISNCT). Among the speakers were Rolf Barth from Ohio State University, Koji Ono from Osaka Medical College, Amanda Schwint from the Atomic Energy Commission of Argentina (CNEA), and Hiroaki Kumada from Tsukuba University.

The participants presented, among others, the results of research conducted using new accelerator technologies and boron carriers that allow for more effective accumulation of boron within the tumor tissue. During the conference there were plenary sessions, discussion panels (physics, biology, chemistry, clinic) and poster sessions. Before the formal start of the congress, a training course was held, consisting of four short lectures, where the members of the interdisciplinary community could learn about issues outside their specialization.

During discussion panels, scientists from the National Center for Nuclear Research presented the progress of work on BNCT therapy in Poland. Dr. Eng. Michał Gryziński delivered the presentation: "BNCT facility at MARIA reactor - final kick-off, beam test, opening reseach station, construction of building for Reactor Laboratory for Biomedical Research and progress in formulation program of 'NEOBOR' scientific platform '. MSc. Edyta Michaś presented: "Reactor Laboratory for Biomedical Research in The National Center for Nuclear Research" and dr Katarzyna Tymińska presented: "BNCT research facility at MARIA reactor (NCBJ, Poland) - numerical models and first measurements".

One of the attractions accompanying the congress was a visit to the THOR reactor where the BNCT stand was presented.